About Elly Meyles (13-6-1951)


Elly trained as a teacher and pedagogue. In 1989 she graduated as a Gestalt Therapist, and in 1996, completed the 4-year training at the Dutch Institute for Bio-energetic Analysis. (NIBA)In the eighties and nineties, Elly took part in various workshops through which she deepened her knowledge of and insights into the process of becoming a “co-creator” of one’s own life. In 2002 Elly acquired the European Certificate of the European Association for Psychotherapy (ECP). In the same year she completed the Training in Systemic Constellations developed by Bert Hellinger. Annually she joins postgraduate workshops led by International Trainers of the IIBA (International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis) researching attachment and how childhood experiences are stored in the body.


IIBA Teachers whom Elly was most influenced by

Dr Bob (Robert) Lewis, M.D. , private practitioner of Bioenergetics and psychiatry in New York since 1983, member of the Dept. Of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Bob has been IIBA trainer since 1971. He has written numerous articles on the integration of developmental and transferential issues into the basic Bioenergetic approach. Bob also published on the issue of Cephalic shock and his method of working physically with the head, voice and diaphragm.


Elly joined a 5 days workshop led by Bob Lewis on Long Island, USA (2010) and a 3 day workshop in the Hague (2012). Dr Guy Tonella; Clinical psychologist Phd. and psychotherapist in Toulouse, France, and for many years trainer of the IIBA. He regularly publishes on the issue of body and mind, how they interact in the attachment approach and how as a therapist we can work with these issues using a bodily approach. Elly twice joined a 3-days workshops led by Guy Tonella, in 2010 and 2011.


Since 1989 Elly has had her own private practice in body oriented psychotherapy, personal and spiritual development. She works with individuals, groups and couples. For the NIBA (Dutch Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis), she has been a trainer, therapist and supervisor since 2004.In 2011 Elly and colleague therapist Eric Bol developed a training “Meesterschap in Contact” , for people who professionally or privately initiate, guide and support personal processes. This training consists of 12 two-days blocks, as well as intervision sessions, writing of reflection reports and personal therapy sessions.In 2012 Elly developed a Training “the body from a larger energetic family perspective”, for body-oriented psychotherapists. In this Training she adapted Hellingers constellation method to be applied in therapeutic work with individuals.



Her writings are directly connected to and focussed on the trainings she gives. Training Meesterschap in Contact12 blocks, of each two days (14 hours each block) For people who professionally or privately initiate, guide and support personal processes: therapists, coaches, teamleaders, HR managers, doctors, lawyers, etc.


Together with colleague Eric Bol, a work book was composed for this specific training, containing 43 pages. Part 1 describes the 6 themes focussed on in block 1-6:

  • Trust

  • Inner strength

  • Position in family of origin

  • Binding and connectivity

  • Embracing life

  • living life to the full

  • Heart awareness


Each theme is looked at and described from a body-oriented point of view. In addition to the above themes, the influence of the family system as described by Bert Hellinger, is covered. Part 2 of this Training focusses on:

  • Inner space

  • Inner balance

  • Emotional resilience

  • Selfconfidence

Thorough exploration of and focus on the these “you are your own instrument” , through exercises and interaction. Each theme is looked into thoroughly. The importance of the above themes in the contact between professional and client are explained explicitly.


Training: “The body in a larger energetic family perspective”

Training aimed at body-oriented therapists who wish to implement the Systemic approach (as developed by Bert Hellinger) into their work with individuals in private practice. The training contains of 7 days, 45 hours.


The following articles were written on this subject:

introduction to systemic laws and entanglement “everyone has a specific position within the family system”, on how this theme can manifest in body and/or family system.


“Love flows naturally if the order within the system is right”, an article on definition and understanding of the term “ordnung” (order) in the systemic approach and how this manifests in the body.


“Embracing life, including everything that comes with it”, an article on the significant bonding between child and parents and previous generations. 


More information on Elly Meyles, her work and activities

Please contact her or see other website www.levensstroom.info